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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

2015. Team Pen Portraits

2015 Team Pen Portraits

Asia United (Thailand)

1. Saurabh  
2. Aziz
3. Pankaj
4. Golu
5. Fawad 
6. Yousuf
7. Ravi

Baluwater CC (Nepal)

Baluwatar Cricket Club and Training Center is the first cricket academy in Nepal, having been established in 2003. Located in the heart of Kathmandu it has been one of the most reputed club in Nepal. Founder and the owner of the BCC&TC Mr.Upendra Bhattarai is very well known person in Nepal. BCC&TC has produced many national players for all age group like for men’s Senior National Team: Paras Khadka, Subhash Kakurel, Sarad Veshwakar, Prithu Baskota and women’s national players Sarita Magar, Neera Rajopadhya, Sangeeta Gauchan, Geeta Chudal, Shradha Aryal and Shilu Rijal and many more. We have many players’ playing in England, Australia and America as professionals.

Baluwatar Cricket Club

Sher Lama
Ex- Hong Kong international and Hong Kong National women coach is currently in Nepal producing young talent and helping Nepal cricket with his experience and knowledge. Has been regular participant for ACST. Still can bat and swing his arm.

Suman Udaya
Nickname “Kalu”, he’s a very talented cricketer. Despite not been capped for Nepal he has played senior and junior level cricket and also key member of BCC for a long time and represented them in the national games since 2005. 

Sonu Tamang
Imported from Mumbai ……”Sekhu”. A very aggressive batter and can bowl when is shoved. He has played NPL for for the winning team, played most of his cricket in Mumbai and looking to hit some timber in Bangkok.

Bijay Gautam
Good all rounder nickname as “Chachu” ……… coz he has played all the age group game from Nepal U15, U17, U19 and also represented Bulawater in the national games since 2007. A very potential player ….hope he can show his talent …in and out of field.

Ritesh Singh
Nick Name as “Forum” ……. He comes from Janakpur dham. Always happens to bat as a tailender …..Has never been capped Nepal but been around for long time played in every single game against the visiting team. He’s ready to explore his ability in Bangkok with bat and bowl.

Ishan Panday
New young talent with very rare ability can bowl with his right arm and bat with left handed………. Very potential player can be very handy if given the opportunity.

Prakash Chand Thakuri
Nickname PC diamond ……. BCC team manager and available to play if someone does not turn up……. 

Beer Battered Seadogs (England)

Last years Plate winners are back, bigger than ever! News of last year’s success sparked the enthusiasm of cricket aficionados in at least three or four pubs back home. Indeed many poor innocent drinkers have heard our tales so often, they must have thought that they were actually there. We’ve bored at least three into submission, so they’ve come to see what all the fuss is about for themselves.

The Beer Battered Seadogs CC was formed in April 2013 in the North Riding Hotel; which is located just behind Scarborough Cricket Ground. From that momentous gathering, we have gathered pace aplenty; unlike our bowling.

Unfortunately our Player of the Final & Spirit of Cricket winner from 2014, Neil Eggar, is unable to attend owing to other commitments this year, through the unlikely combination of a Brazilian girlfriend and Wales looking likely to qualify for a major football tournament.

We have searched far and wide to replenish our stocks, and in a throwback and tribute to the great Yorkshire sides of the 1960’s, all our players this year were born in the great county. It is rumoured that some of the squad have embarked in nets sessions, and even a couple on diets. You’ll soon spot which ones haven’t!

As ever our mantra will be to give it our best out on the park, but to have a ball off it. Please pop across and have a beer and a chat wherever you may come across us. Don’t forget; for just £2 a month you can sponsor a Beer Battered Seadog!

Many thanks to our kind sponsors; Mark Eccles of JM Engineering Scarborough, Stephenson Control Systems of Harrogate and Pure Broadband of Hull.

Your support is most appreciated. We’ll do our best to make you proud.

2015 Touring Party

Fred Firman
Fred continues to be a man transformed from the wreck who limped away in 2013. His enthusiasm never falters and he followed the ‘bowl full and straight’ guidance to a tee last year. Still emerging as a batsman, whose fast footwork against rapid bowling is a sight to behold. If you hear Fred leading the signing of ‘The Red Flag’ please help him back to the hotel!

Tony Rudeforth
Swiss Tony returns for his fifth tour, determined to cause havoc with his swing bowling. Tony is a valuable all rounder on the pitch with his lusty blows, and a Godsend to the traders of Thailand when he eventually finds his preferred products. His assistance has been absolutely invaluable in attracting our sponsors. Will he get the boys to the golf course at long last this year?

Steve Walker
Steve is our local expert who will be making sure we are never far away from hilarity. During last years down time he took over the team kitty after the previous incumbent was judged to be too generous. The man from Minburi soon changed that! Despite not being a keen player, Steve bowled as tightly as he spent the kitty, to help secure the trophy in 2014.

Karl Theobald
Karl’s selection has seen a mass of requests for a tour video to be posted online as he embarks on his first look at Thailand. A genuinely top bloke with a thirst to die for, Karl is also a fine player who was a former opening partner of Ashes winner Adam Lyth. The only question is whether he survives two weeks without his Mum’s shepherd’s pie or a pint of real ale?

Ron Heywood
Former Scarborough resident ‘Ron the Mod’ departed (or was it deported?) to Auckland with the family in 1998. We’ve finally nailed him down to visit his old pals and show us his progress on the park, and sporadic madness off it. Ron has recently been selected to the preliminary New Zealand Masters Indoor Cricket Squad, so he’ll be handy if we play a game inside a pub on his first Thai visit.

Dave Kemp
Once a hero of Scarborough Athletic football fans, now a big hope of his team mates on the cricket pitch. Kempy took a couple of brilliant energetic catches last year after a ropey start and bowled magnificently. A real lover of tuk tuks and sangtheaws, Dave will no doubt startle the team with his tournament predictions and general capers.

Jason Melles-Sawyers
These pen portraits nearly went to press without Jason’s inclusion, but continual persuasive pep talks from his pals and realisation of what he could be missing, led to a last minute decision to retain his ever present status on tour. Jason will no doubt be looking forward to nightlife and Sukhumvit Road’s street bars as others fall by the wayside.

Rob Bernard
A veteran of getting on for 20 sixes tournaments, and general supplier of tap ins to his pals, Rob will be hoping to don the keeping gloves and try and hit a few to the fence if he can force his way into the team. He has his hands full this year, showing the tour virgins new destinations and experiences, while trying to keep his reporters jotter out of harms reach. What could possibly go wrong?

Tony Hall
When Karl suggested coming on the cricket tour, his drinking pal Tony said it looked a great idea. Consequently, here he is amongst his old Falsgrave drinking pals on his first Thailand visit. Tony says he won’t be playing. OK. We’ll see! In all probability he’ll be more likely to be seen with a big smiling face, laughing and chatting away making new mates.

Sean Newby
Sean has recently left the Post Office in Scarborough where he worked with some of his fellow tourists. He’s over in Bangkok with his wife Tracey as they do some potential house hunting having fallen in love with this part of the world during a long holiday. A fine footballer a year or two back, so we’ve invited him along for beers, fun and general sporting advice!

CBB's (International)

The CBBs were formed in 2000 between a group of like-minded friends at the Chiang Mai Sixes who wanted to tour more. Now 15 years old the club is proud of what has been achieved over that period of time. This is now the 8th tour to this Thailand Sixes event.

James Trewin
Backing up after a hugely successful tour in September representing the CBBs in Java. A handy batsman who played a good level of cricket in his younger days. Will be great to see him playing for the CBBs again.

Tim "Socrates" Caimakadis
A huge welcome back to 50Crates after a couple of years off from touring. Always a freshness around when he is there as he loves touring, enjoys himself very much and a good laugh.

Azmir "Joe Nusantara" Yosoff
Is very much welcomed to the CBBs from Malaysia. Leads a team from Kuala Lumpur, but this time is proud to join the CBBs for his first tour to Bangkok for this event. Is then likely to bring his own team to future events. We are sure he will enjoy playing for the CBBs.

Michael "Cat" Maher
Cat is back for yet another tour. Proud Life Member of the CBBs and Committee Member. Always up for a laugh and was rumoured once to have "liked" vodka slammers.

Kim Haksu
Haksu is making a return to touring with the CBBs after a quite long lay-off. He may even grace the field after a 10 year break from touring. Loves his cricket and very well known over the years with Korean cricket.

Richard Lockwood
Very well known for his various scoring stints including the IPL, CPL and of course the Chiang Mai Sixes, Richard is very passionate about the game of cricket. Has now represented the CBBs on a number of occasions for which he is proud of.

Taran Persuad
Another Chiang Mai local, Taran may be needed to fill into the CBBs side in between his scoring duties. Famous for his West Indian history in cricket for which he is most proud.

Wayne Morrison
Morro is still trying Very Hard to join us for yet another stint here at the Thailand Sixes. Is in Perth stuck with horse training, but trying to arrange something so that he can join us for this Friendship Through Cricket tournament again.

Falcon (UAE)

Rajath Ismail 
Vice Captain. (Born 12.04.1991, Chennai) He takes his cricket seriously. A technically correct, right handed batsman. Despite his diminutive stature capable of generating good pace with his left arm angular deliveries.

By profession he is an expert in logistics and supply chain management. He has a Master’s degree from Sheffield University in UK, where he played cricket regularly. His hobbies include photography, cooking and travelling.

Muhammad Qasim
(Born - 17.05.1983, Pakistan) A regular player in the organised, office cricket league in Abu Dhabi. A tenacious right handed batsman who can effectively penetrate the field and scamper for the quick singles. He bowls right handed restrictive medium pace.

By profession Qasim is an IT Engineer. He loves travelling and meeting people.

Soumyabrata Ghosh
(Born 10.07.2000, Chandigarh, India) Soumyabrata is a class X student in Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi who aspires to become an Aeronautical Engineer. He is strong in academics and has participated in several International Olympiads in Mathematics and English and was awarded Certificate of High Distinction, Ramanujan Scholarship etc. He is soft spoken, affable, sincere and hard working. His sporting interest includes cricket, tennis and swimming. He is also interested in drawing, travelling, photography, voluntary social work including care for the environment. He is also a Karate black belt holder. Meditation and value based studies for peace, happiness and inner harmony is part of his daily routine.

He is a right handed bowling all-rounder who will be playing his first competitive tournament.

Rudra More
(Born 11.07.2000, Abu Dhabi, UAE) Rudra is a class X student in Raha International School, Abu Dhabi. He is a science student and has a varied interest in music and cricket. His dream is to play for the Indian Cricket Team.

Despite his tender age he is a well-known player in the organised, office sector cricket in Abu Dhabi. In August 2015, he played UK county cricket for under seventeen representing Abu Dhabi Cricket Council. Much of Falcon’s prospect in the tournament rests on his tender shoulders. A right handed batting all-rounder he has the single-handed capability to alter the course of any game.

Hitesh More – Wicket Keeper
(Born – 22.04.1972, Mumbai, India) Very little slips through the formidable wicket keeping grasp of Hitesh. His love for cricket is second only to his physical fitness regime. Off cricketing duties while other are likely to be sight-seeing Hitesh is expected to frequent the gym to work out on his fitness. A team player to the core he is an asset for any team.

Professionally he is a computer security expert. He loves travelling, photography and meeting new people.

Saurav Roy
(Born 04.05.1971, Kolkata, India) He enjoys both batting and bowling. A right handed all-rounder who is not new to cricket in Thailand having earlier played in Bangkok and Phuket. Apart from making new friends he will be looking forward to meeting his old friends.

Professionally he is a marketing expert and works for the largest newspaper chain in India. He is based in Kolkata and New Delhi and travels extensively as required. Soft spoken and friendly loves shopping, travelling and making friends.

Soumitro Roy
Manager (Born 13.06.1959, Kolkata, India) His love for the game is second to none. However, a damaged knee has severely restricted his playing. Loves watching the game and soaking in the cricketing atmosphere of the ground.

He is also known for commanding ocean-going super tankers and luxury liners which never ran short of beer. Also a professional marine pilot, a maritime safety and security expert, he works with the senior management team of a major Middle East shipping company. He is also a trained Chef in Thai cuisine.

He loves travelling, photography, reading, cooking, making friends and ear splitting, and feet tapping music.

Chandra Shekhar
Media Manager (Born – 08.04.1959, AP, India) An alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur), he is an Engineer by profession. He represented his school and college teams in sports namely Badminton, football and Cricket. He is an avid follower of the game.

He can speak several Indian languages and can effectively converse on any current affairs topic. His real passion is for computers and has stunned listeners with his depth of knowledge regarding same. He handles major IT projects for his company.

Jaisimha Lions (India)

About Jaisimha Cricket Academy ( - Team Partner – Abhibus

About Jaisimha Cricket Academy (

The Jasimha Cricket Academy is a venture promoted by the family of the late M.L Jasimha, one of the legends of Indian cricket, fulfilling his most cherished dream. The 8000 sft. Indoor arena within the academy can be used any time, day or night, any weather and by anyone. Operational 365 days a year the academy aspires to bring the game of cricket to enthusiasts like never before by catering to diverse groups ranging from test cricketers sorting out their game before a tour, budding cricketers and to corporate connoisseurs who love the game.

About Abhibus

AbhiBus - which means Bus Now (in Hindi), was founded on a simple idea – An idea that would allow Indian Bus Travellers to book bus tickets at a click, from the convenience of their homes and offices. has become India’s fastest growing online bus ticketing company. simplifies online booking of bus tickets for bus travellers all over India. With ticket inventory from over 1500 operators and 15000 routes, is the preferred choice of online booking, when it comes to bus travel.

Founded in the year 2007, AbhiBus Services (India) Private Limited is a pioneer in providing end-to-end software and other value added solutions for the Bus Transport Industry by leveraging the latest technologies. The company also provides technology solutions to more than 100 large private bus operators in India, 4 state transport corporations and 2 international operators. The end-to-end software solutions include e-ticketing systems, fleet management solutions, and vehicle tracking systems, passenger information systems, logistics management backed by a 24x7 customer support centre.

Today, AbhiBus is also the preferred Information Technology Partner for State Transport Corporations and Private Bus Fleet Operators. AbhiBus is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Lankan Masters (Sri Lanka)

Sanjaya  Attanayake (CPT )  
Flying is his passion, We call him Sunny. Mastered in his batting and keeping tallest pillar in the team, chill beer is his partner.

Manoj Perera                          
Banker, Cricket Umpire, Sri Lanka Cricket oldest cowwa in the team, eats’ Rabbits very often, winning of the toss is 100%.

Costa Asitha                            
Needles is his job, caller names are KG and Fish cutter, love to shop that’s why we call him KG.

Nalliah Devarajan                  
Importer and a match referee Sri and Lanka Cricket. Caller name is long on

Priyantha Samaradivakara 
Working in a Leasing Company. We call him Mid-wicket.

Mithila Rajapakshe               
Youngest Master among the old Cowwa’s. Team player, like to bat after a cold Corona and deadly with his spinning left arm. “Left handed - right minded “

Mahesh Wijayanayake         
Banker caller name Mal Mama, one and only non-alcoholic master in the team.

Susantha De Mel                    
Insurance his business, caller name is koon Susa, Love to walk. Team player and tour organizer.

 Mariners (Singapore)

Brijesh Mongia (Captain)
Brijesh - can bat, can bowl, can keep, can field; the allrounder all teams wish they had, Enough said!

Ankit Munjal
Ankit - deceptively effective, enjoys the game and gets the job done. Also the team media spokesperson! 

Oshadha Warnapura
Oshada - the teams Talisman, the man from the Sri Lankan Islands is like a crab, a fierce and tough competitor on the outside (on-field) and sweet and soft on the inside (off-field). Buy him a beer and he'll be your best mate. 

Rahul Baberwal
Rahul - the man with the golden arm, loves bowling bouncers. Batsman facing up to him better make sure your helmet is tight and secure. 

Venugopal Nair
Venu - it is said that before Rajnikanth became an actor he wanted to be a bowler for India, that is until he bowled to Venu and the rest is history. He is Mariners very own 'weapon of mass destruction'.

Karthik Bala
Karthik - with injuries and age (25) catching up and taking its toll, the man is on a mission to play as many games and win as many matches singlehandedly as he can. 6’s, 8’s, T20, ODI’s....He’s the man you would want in the lineup    Also watch out for the Temper!!

Marudhar CC (India)

Marudhar cricket club is participating first time in super sixes tournament in Bangkok. Our cricket team are very exciting to play in that 6s side format. Our cricket club is affiliated with Rajasthan Cricket Association in India. We have senior sides and junior sides as well.

M.C.C squad and players description as follows:-

Manoj Kumar 
A slick left arm spinner who always remains calm under pressure. He is a handy with the bat in the middle order.Playing most of his cricket in A grade division in India, he is used to witnessing wayward bowling and suspect batting techniques. His nickname is Manos.

Chetan Loharaj
One of the best best all-rounders of MCC club. He played under-19 state championship from last three years. He's strike the ball very hard. He's looking forward to perform well in that super sixes tournament. He's nickname is Cheetah.

Mohmmad Azharuddin 
A great medium pacer bowler for MCC club from last five years. He played all the forms of district cricket in India. He's very possessive by nature. He loves to open the batting. He's nickname is Aazzu.

Ojas Lalla 
A very young and talented player of MCC cricket club. He a left arm medium pacer in bowling and his action is similar to Pakistan international player Sohail Tanveer. He's batting stance is very awkward. He's very excited to participate in such an international event. His nickname is Ojas.

Amarjot Singh 
A freak player for MCC cricket club. He's a Singh of the King and very talented player. He's a right arm off spinner and a big fan of international cricketer Harbhajan Singh. He's a handy with the bat in middle order. He’s also very excited to play first time in international tournament. He's non-alcoholic person but loves to eat chicken tikka masala. He's nickname is Amy

Yatish Sharma 
A very stylish cricketer and senior player of MCC cricket club. He has been playing for our senior team from last 5 years. He a great striker of the bowl and right arm off spinner. His action is similar to West Indies off spinner Sunil Naraine. He's a jolly person by nature. But he loves to do night out parties. He's nickname is Yatish

Mohmmad Akram 
A big fan of Shahid Afridi and he played like him that only. He always dealing in sixes while batting. He played first class cricket for Rajasthan in the year 2003-2004. He played Vijay Merchant and coached in the Behar trophy for Rajasthan. He's a senior player and secretary of MCC cricket club. He's a comedian by nature. We called him Sultan Bhai. He's nickname is Sultan.

Abhijeet Sharma 
A first class cricketer of Rajasthan team and played cricket for five years in Australia as a professional player. Scored a brilliant 92 runs in a debut match in first class cricket. He's a big fan of Brian Lara. Level A cricket coach from Cricket Australia. He's a specialist coach and professional player of MCC cricket club. He's nickname is Abhi

Shyam Sunder Kumawat 
A fast bowler and consistent performer in bowling of MCC cricket club from last 5 years. He's a great person by nature very polite and hard worker. He loves to play with the new ball. He's just got selected for the state championship team. He is a non-alcohol person and pure vegetarian. He's nickname is Shyam.

Jitendra Ujjwal 
An opening batsman and wicket keeper by profession. He's strikes the ball very hard and handy with the bat. He's also a senior player of MCC cricket club. He loves to drinks beers and dance with cheers girls. He's also a jolly person by nature. He's nickname is Jitu.

Shanghai Hot Dogs (China)

Andy Croquet steel
Hot Dogs banner
Mike he wishes Tresmelis
Sandy Under 15 Champion Pechetti
Jacques Convict Robb
Hugh Very Round Arnott

Hot dogs are regular attendees of the BKK sixes whose performance is directly proportional to the time spent in Bangkok. Better at drinking (and not great at that either) than cricket, these boys know how to play – just not cricket.

Based in Shanghai, Hot Dogs are an established team of expats from many countries. This year’s representatives are typical - Brits, an Aussie Scot, Indian and Mike from Singapore!  We have dredged deep this year got to the bottom. We can’t wait!

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