Thailand International Cricket Sixes

Thursday, November 30, 2017

2017. Awards

 Thailand International Cricket Sixes
2017 Award Winners

Tripathi Group: Cup Winners

India Unstoppables: Shield Winners

Nawaloka: Bowl Winners

Hong Kong Blues: Bowl Runners-Up

CBB CC: Plate Winners

ACST All Stars: Plate Runners-Up

Mohit Khatri: Player of the Tournament

Jinen Udani: Player of the Cup Division 

Selva Kumar: Player of the Bowl Division 

Tim Bignall: Players of the Plate Division

Taran Persaud: Spirit of Cricket Award Winner

2017. Teams Receive Plaques

All teams at the 2017 Thailand International Cricket Sixes received a commemorative plaque from the Tripathi Group in appreciation of their participation.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

2017. Team Photos

Thailand International Cricket Sixes 2017

Team Photos

ACST All Stars (International)

ADF Tigers (Malaysia)

Beer Battered Seadogs CC (England)

CBB CC (International)

Darjeeling CC (UAE)

Gulshan Youth Club (Bangladesh)

Hong Kong Blues (Hong Kong)

India Unstoppables (India)

Lanka Lions (Singapore)

Nawaloka (Sri Lanka)

Tripathi Group (India)