Thailand International Cricket Sixes

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2010. Team Pen Portraits

2010. Team Pen Portraits

Asia All Stars (International)

The ACST equivalent to the Harlem Globetrotters are likely to be in action once again on the turf of the Harrow School. This side made its debut at the Pattaya Sixes last April where they excelled, bonded and reached a final while perfectly extolling the ACST core statement of “making friendships through cricket”.

Whoever plays for this fine body of men or even women will no doubt do this tournament proud.

CBBs (International)

The CBBs will once again be entering two teams into this year’s tournament. They should be in fine form as ever having just celebrated their tenth anniversary in Penang, not that the boys and girls need an excuse to party! Don’t forget to pop over to the tent and enjoy the fun of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”!

Amongst those representing the club on and off the pitch will be:


Cyrus “Vyrus” Maybud
Vyrus will likely to be leading one of the sides on the pitch will entertaining off it with his wonderful stories. Came into his own with the bat in Pattaya last April and will be looking to follow that up. Surely a call up to the Swiss international side is still not out of the question?

Michael “Cat” Maher
Many in the past have socialised long and hard with the man of a thousand friends and then taken their eye off the ball as he bowls his off spin the following day. As ever he will be on hand with a smile and a kind word for anyone struggling with touring life.

Rob “Chops” Bernard
If Chops gets a couple of hits and goes for less than 8 an over, his demeanour will be so much brighter. It is now three years since he has taken a catch so fielding practise is very much on the agenda. Taking his umpires exams early next year to diversify his skills.

Tim “Soctrates” Caimakamis
Socrates skills with the accounts have already given him much credence from his peers. He will be there with a smile, praying for a West Ham win and a few good performances on the park, which he’s more than capable of.

Graham “Half” Witt
The stalwart of the Bounty Buccaneers may well be joining us with his team mates elsewhere. Half has been a fine supporter of the CBBs and the Thai economy over several years. Has been known to have his last 100m time registered by a calendar.

Darrell “Monster” Mepham
The ever smiling, ever happy Monster will be on hand to talk on a plethora of subjects, in particular his former music career when pushed. It has never quite happened for Monster on the pitch in Bangkok as injuries of varying kinds have seen him withdrawl. He will be here purely as a supporter this year.

Ray “Lemon” Matti
Is Lemon signalling semaphore out there? Oh no, he’s keeping wicket! A veteran of the Bangkok social scene and a former President of the club, who adds the little bit of Dutchness that is so vital in our international melting pot. A handy mate for those with sleeping worries.

Max “Animal “ Osman
Max bowled beautifully last year at Chiang Mai last year for the Malakas and won a much sought after player of the day award. A lovely man who never stops smiling. He could well have his hands full as Lemon’s drinking partner.

Dave “White Pointer” Hird
White Pointer is a legend of the sixes scene who still performs to a good standard. He came down from his Chiang Mai home with the Floggers and Robbers last year and will probably have the demanding role as Whale’s drinking pal. Apparently Dave is the maker of “This’ll be my last year” speeches. Welcome back Dave and see you next year!

Leigh “Reject” Whitten
Reject had the tour that dreams or rather nightmares are made of in Pattaya and Phuket last year. He’s a talented cricketer who is often let down at the last minute by moments of eccentricity. Last year in Bangkok he managed to run Chops out for a diamond duck and then go for 10 off his final 2 deliveries when guesting for The Crossbar to hand Pattaya the Spoon.

Wally “Whale” Pohl
It is hoped that Whale will be available and in town as the sales of vodka will rocket. It is also advisable for tourists to be at the best and follow etiquette so avoid the shout of “Slammer” coming from the big man. He led the singing on the coach back to the hotel after last years Finals Day.

Ian “Reds” Liddell
Rocket arm Reds may well be pressed into playing duties owing to injuries, no shows or general fatigue in between refereeing, scoring and commentating. He prefers to view from the boundary these days but he can still be relied upon to turn back the years and perform admirably.


Neil Eggar
Neil loves touring and Thailand in particular. He will always be around chatting about football and his beloved Cardiff City and the chances of England in the Ashes. Along with Chops he had an extended stay at photographer Mr Walker’s house after the last tour owing to volcanic ash.

Ken Acton
Ken is a lovely mild mannered man who loves Thailand and his music. He keeps wicket for one of the sides, but his credentials have yet to be tested as so few deliveries reach him from his bowlers! Ken should skipper one of the sides, for which he always received much respect from his charges.

Tour Virgins

Andrew “Fred” Firman  and Tony Rudeforth
Chops recruitment drive is in full swing as he brings two new cricketing tourists from Yorkshire for a whistle stop look at the sixes. Both keen cricket and Scarborough Athletic fans who will use the trip for cricket, socialising and buying of business suits. Tony is a steady player who hopes to show off his talents. Fred isn’t, but he’s already resigned to the fact he’ll end up playing! He will be looking to recruit new members for our football club so watch out once you’ve had a few cold ones.

Falcon DNV and Falcon KOTC (Kuwait)

The Falcon teams from Kuwait return once more to Bangkok for the Chaophya Park Hotel International Cricket Sixes after excellent showing last year. The DNV team put in top effort, only to be defeated in the Cup Final against the Lanka Lions.

The club also adopted star player, Ian Westwood, the captain of Warwickshire CCC into their ranks for the weekend and made many friends along the way. As also detailed elsewhere in this publication, the club also made a wonderful donation of cricket equipment to the Southerners Junior Cricket Development, which will be repeated this year.

Falcon also went on to compete at the Pattaya Sixes last April, and we offer them our warmest welcome once again.

The teams comprise of a group of multi-national cricket addicts from the middle-east of varying ages and backgrounds, all sewn together with their love for the game to form an envious homogenous group of great synergy. Team members are equally at home playing in the desert heat, sub-zero temperatures and turf or concrete pitches. The reference to the exotic bird is for their enduring ability while playing in harsh climatic conditions as also to their “killer instinct”. KOTC and DNV are Kuwaiti and Norwegian corporate giants.

Astute cricketers, capable of unleashing spurts of sheer cricketing brilliance on an unsuspecting opponent… the cricketing equivalent of a knock out punch. The “shock and awe” factor usually ensures a stunning victory often snatched from the jaws of defeat, which regularly makes local newspaper headlines and secures a place in the heart of cheerleaders bold and beautiful alike.

Their squads may well consist of the following players:

Mahmoud “Skipper” Abdullah
Soumitro “Jumbo” Roy
John “Uncle Smoking John” Lyons
Sandeep “Sandy” Soneja
Sanjay “Diamond” Rathod
Ashok Kumar “Pillar” Veeraraghavan
Muhammad “Big Guy” Fahim
Nikhil “Sunny” Kulkarni
Amir “Sid” Siddique
Mandeep “Johnny” Singh Sahni
Melwyn “Boss” John Serrao
Vinod Nevgi
Unnikrishanan “Unni” Pillai
Nasser “Nash” Mulla
Edward “Eddie” Felix Menezes
Suku John
Saleem Khalid

Lanka Lions (Singapore)

Chaminda Ruwan
This man called Chaminda Ruwan
Is in love with a Russian woman
Legend be told
That if Satan could bowl
He would not want to bowl at this man

Suresh Nawaratnam
Probably the fastest in South East Asia
Will knock your stump off - I warned ya
Then to rub salt to the wound
He'll hit you to the moon
And sing "Malaysia - truly Asia"

Silmi Nawaz
A gentleman who works in IT
Has a square cut that is feared and mighty
But the star in the family
Is his wife's cooking ability
which is what keeps him young and sprightly

Rasitha Senarathne
This opening batsman extraordinaire
Plays both the piano and the guitar
so catch him if you can
for your next rock band
Or in spite he might hit you out of the park

Wajira Wickramasinghe
Probably the best find for the club this year
Has got opposing batsmen in fear
of his super quick balls
to which many batsman fall
and that's even before he moves it in the air

Chamira Fernando
An out-swinger so wily and classy
Will make you an iPhone App if need be
Can bat out an innings
And bring us to winnings
While dreaming of his home by the sea

Amila Prashantha
The fastest leg spinner in the world
Has a heart made completely of gold
But this quiet fellow
may not say hello
but may amaze you with his fielding, I'm told

Sanjaya de Silva
This man that our players do fear
Will cheer for the whole ground to hear
But fear you not
Cause when it's hot
Around him will be many a beer

Manager: M. Jeevananthan
The fittest old man that I know
Plays a multitude of various sport but this tall mast, talks so fast,keep up or you will be a lost bloke.

Pattaya Cricket Club (Thailand)

Pattaya Cricket Club were founded in 2010 by a group of cricket enthusiasts of all ages and abilities who are committed to developing the game of cricket in Pattaya.

Under the team management of Elfrado “Rob” Roberts and the astute captaincy of Simon Philbrook the club play many fixtures and welcome sides to their magnificent Horseshoe Point home ground.

The club competed as a sixes side for the first time at this event last year, when they were victorious in the Spoon competition. They went on to host the Pattaya Sixes at Horseshoe Point last April and assisted in the running of a tremendous event. During the event the participants raised a total of 83,350 Thai Baht towards future cricket development in the area.

The future’s bright. The future’s orange!

Pattaya CC would also like to thank their kind sponsors: MBMG Group, ESC, Jamesons and Horseshoe Point.

This year’s players will be selected from the club’s squad which is listed below:

Simon Philbrook - Captain

Elfrado Roberts (Rob) - Team Manager
Leon Bouter
John Giuffrida
Salman Khan
Mark Harrison
Charl Campbell
Earl Brown
Linden Giuffrida
Samy Chinnathambi
Jez Lees
Aman Khanijou
Sajan Khanijou
Hansie Diwansingh
Richard Wibrow
Mark Thomson
Paul Coleman
Giles Mongare
Dave Booton
Pranjal Mittal
Lee Turner
Bob Newell
Sonny Qayam
Greg Bucknill
Uday Nedle
Rick Bryant
Andy Mery
Richard Holt
Tim Gladwin
Chris Heron

Southerners (Thailand)

Nathan Kincaid
The current 1st team skipper who has had to learn the ropes of skippering a Southerners team the frustrating way!! One of the best bats in the club and the league at present. Club skipper again for 2011, and always an avid supporter when it comes to helping out the rest of the club.

Andrew Purser 
The big Kiwi is bag again fully fit from a dodgy knee injury sustained during last season. Can hit a ball a long way so watch out for those sitting on the lower level of the school hall roof!

Duncan McLeod
Another Kiwi amongst the ranks to keep us reminded about who is better at rugby. Fires on his day though with this rain around of lately, just a few sparks being  ignited. Likes this game and the mates it brings.

Matt Baumgurtel 
Young bloke experiencing cricket in Bangkok and doing a grand job at that. Good bat and most likely will take the gloves (bowling not his strength!). Mostly seen lingering around the entertainment venues near Uncle V’s residence!

John Munden 
New kid on the block but not so new in years! Straight from the fraternity of village cricket of the UK into Bangkok. Enjoying his time here and chomping at the bit to get some more cricket under his belt.

Gaurav Kukreja
Little G as known by most. Little bloke who stands tall on the field. Has come along way from the 3s to be a 1s regular now. Handy with bat and ball and keeping the team in line on a night out celebrating!

Shane Thompson
Well not exactly playing this weekend on the field but will be the main man running the bar………words cannot describe how important this player is to the team. Also the skipper of last year’s A Division winning team.

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