Thailand International Cricket Sixes

Thursday, October 27, 2016

2009. Awards Photos

2009 Awards Photos

Andrew Purser - Player of the Tournament

Josephite with their medals

Josephite - Plate Winners

Lanka Lions - Cup Winners

NT Crocs - Bowl Winners

Pattaya CC - Spoon Winners

2009 Honours Board

Cup Winners: Lanka Lions, Singapore

Runners Up: Falcon DNV
Man of the Match in Final: Chaminda Ruwan (Lanka Lions)

Plate Winners: Josephite, Bangladesh

Runners Up: Lanka Drunkers

Man of the Match in Final: Shahriar Hossain

Bowl Winners: The NT Crocs, Australia

Runners Up: CBB SC’s

Man of the Match in Final: Tony Valle

Spoon Winners: Pattaya CC, Thailand

Runners Up: Crossbar Cowboys
Man of the Finals Matches: Simon Philbrook
Player of the Tournament: Andrew Purser (Southerners Gold)

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